Vix Anderton

Vix Anderton

Me: I’m an inclusive leadership specialist, wellbeing coach, experienced facilitator, and project manager. I started my career in the Royal Air Force, having studied Economics and Politics at the University of Manchester. After completing my Masters’ degree in International Relations, focusing on women’s rights in conflict, I moved into the international development sector. Since April 2017, I have been building a portfolio career helping individuals and organisations achieve meaningful and sustainable change and empowering women, through evidence-based research, practical planning, red-teaming and coaching.

My approach: I am passionate about co-creating practical solutions to support happier, healthier and more productive working environments where individuals can thrive and flourish. I love to draw on psychology, neuroscience, and behaviour change research as well as Eastern philosophies and traditions to inform my work. I am an adaptive facilitator, able to be dynamic, forthright and focused as well as warm, calm and grounded depending on the situation. I love to tailor my approach to best suit the needs of my clients and audiences. My aim: I am dedicated to creating environments where individuals can be their best and whole selves at work and understands the importance of resilience, stamina and wellbeing in every aspect of an individual’s life.

Professional skills and expertise: I am an accredited Mental Health First Aider, ICF-certified life coach and yoga teacher. I have extensive experience leading and managing teams in complex and challenging environments. I am an innovative problem-solver, leading change management programmes effectively. My clients: Suffolk Fire and Rescue Services, International Location Safety, Ministry of Defence, L&P, Human Rights Watch, Social Development Direct, Teach First, HSBC Digital. Here’s a flavour of what they say about me…

“Vix’s active listening skills, openness and empathetic style make her a brilliant coach and fantastic person to talk to. Having spoken to Vix during a period of change and confusion after our conversation I was left feeling more a peace and with a clearer head. Vix allows you to talk honestly and openly and is greatly equipped in techniques to help you see the bigger picture and manage your thinking. I would recommend to anyone looking for a skilled, unbiased and constructive person to talk to.”

“Vix ran an outstanding workshop as part of our Innovation Award Incubator here at Teach First. The workshop was full of not only inspiring takeaways and practical exercises on hacking your energy but fully grounded in research. Her professionalism really shone through the workshop and we received great feedback from the participants.”

“I was always impressed with the way that Vix responded to the diverse and often rapidly changing needs of our contracts and clients. She was proactive in looking for ways to systematise our ways of working so that our approach was sustainable and scalable by developing helpful tools, checklists and process. Her work on contracting due diligence and risk management are just two good examples of this. I always found Vix to be positive, pragmatic and calm despite the pressures of her busy and demanding role.”